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Any visit to website is connected with the mutual exchange of information between the user's computer and the Internet server. The program complex of the website, "admitting" the visitor, determines its Internet Protocol Address (IP-address); the state, owning this IP; and the domain name of the website, from which the transition to Fine Sell was made.

In addition, the user activity is recorded on the website: the transitions from the page to the page, the time, spent on each visited page, the "direction" of the site leaving.

The cookies technology does not disclose the personal information

These operations are the standard practice of interaction between computers. The received data helps automatic and manual debugging of algorithms for providing and displaying information. The technology, used for exchanging of short text blocks (called cookies), is not capable of harming the user's computer.

Due to purely technical designation, "cookies" do not contain personal data of the user, the disclosure of which could cause any damage to the visitor of the site. The content of cookies is information about the settings preferred for the user's computer, as well as statistical data.

However, changing the settings of the browser, the user can prevent the sending of cookies. In this case, Finesell cannot guarantee automatic adjustment of website content to the parameters of the user device.

Statistical information

Finesell website collects statistical information on the number of visitors, the sequence and duration of visits to individual pages. This information is necessary for optimizing the server, for ranking the resource in search engines, for effective web mastering and productive development of the website.

The collected statistical information does not contain any personal data of the website visitors, and it cannot be used to the detriment of the interests of users.

Personal data

The registration on the Finesell website is not required for reading materials, publishing comments and sending requests for the purchase of precious stones. However, the information that is undesirable for publication and relates to personal data can be there in the personal correspondence of the website administration and the third-party user.

Administration of the Finesell website under no circumstances cannot disclose information that constitutes personal identification information of its customers and buyers. Confidentiality of transactions is guaranteed.

Methods of information protection

The site uses special measures to protect information from unauthorized reading. Within the software complex of the website, there are tools to stop attempts to penetrate the resource databases.

The algorithm of interaction between buyers and website administration does not provide any fixation of the client's personal information. The website's databases do not contain information about visitors and customers. Lack of information is the best way to protect her from abduction!

Endorsement of the privacy policy of Finesell website

The user's consent to the website's privacy policy does not require special registration. Reading text materials, viewing visual files, using the services, provided by the Finesell website, means agreeing with the privacy policy of the resource.

If you disagree with the website's privacy policy, the visitor can:

a) leave the website;
b) make suggestions on changing the privacy policy by contacting the website administration. - precious and semiprecious stones