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Emerald Gemstone Properties

The emerald is a variety of beryl with a saturated velvet green color, sometimes even with the light bluish tint. Pure beryl is a colorless, and acquires its color by the elements in its structure that are responsible for coloring. The green color of Emerald is formed due to the impurities of the chromium Cr. Typical emeralds contain 0.14% of chromium Cr, 0.12% of ferrum Fe and 0.05% of Vanadium V.

The origin of the name: The word "emerald" is derived from the Persian word, which, through such modified forms of Latin smaragdus as Esmeraude, Emeraude and Esmeralde, has reached our times. Smaragd - old Russian name of the Emerald's mineral. The main Emerald mines: Colombia (mines in Muzo), East Africa, Transvaal, India, Pakistan, Zimbabwe (Sandawana).

Natural Emerald Octagon Cut

The physico-chemical properties of the emerald

  • The chemical composition is be3al2si6o18.
  • The crystal form is prismatic-elongated.
  • The coloring of the mineral is green with varying intensity.
  • The crystals are transparent, translucent.
  • Is the mineral fragile?: Yes.
  • The luster - glassy.
  • Hardness on the Mohs scale - 7,5 -8.0
  • Density - 2.8 g/cm3.
  • Cleavage: none.
  • Refractive index - 1,576-1,582.
  • Fracture: conchoidal, uneven.

Color of Emerald

Emerald Crystal Crystal of an Emerald The emerald, like Sapphire and Ruby, is graded by its deposit sites. If a "password" for the Ruby is Burma, and for Sapphire - Kashmir, for the emerald - it is Colombia, more precisely, a mine in Muzo, near Bogotá, where the stones of the most beautiful herbaceous green color are mined.

By virtue of its bright radiance of green color, the emerald is considered as a unique and the one-of-a-kind precious stone. Really good quality specimens are fairly rare, inclusions prevent the flatness of the color. In any way the small inclusions do not reduce the value of the stone. On the contrary, the emerald of the bright, deep green color, even with inclusions, is valued higher than the pure emerald of the pale green color.

The emerald is relatively soft mineral (its hardness equals 7 on the Mohs scale), its surface is easily abraded and the scratches remain on the faces of the crystal. If the emerald has long been stored in the same container with diamonds, sapphires, and rubies, it may look almost matte, devoid of brilliance because of constant damage by more solid materials. Only 500 pounds were offered for one of such stones, but after it was repolished, the price grew tenfold.

The emerald is a fairly solid stone, even though it is inferior in hardness than the diamond and the ruby. The market value of the emerald is made up of such qualities as color, carat weight, clarity of the emerald, and cut. The variation of the carat price is incredible wide. I will take for discussion the stones with the clarity from Si2 to IF. The price will be $200 to $5000 USD per carat. With increasing of emerald's weight the carat’s price will increase in progression.

Assessment criteria of Emerald’s value

Emerald Platinum Ring The ideal emerald is a transparent stone of uniformly distributed saturated color. The main criterion of emerald’s quality is color, then on the second place - transparency. Natural emeralds almost always have fissures and fractures that treated with oil, prevalently cedar oil as it has the similar refractive index as the emerald, and helps to reduce the blinding glow of some of the stones, particularly of bright color. Thermal and vacuum chambers with usage of epoxy resin are used to fill the fractures of some emeralds. In this way, almost all the stones mined in Brazil and Colombia are treated, and the Emeralds from Zambia have traditionally treated with oil.

The great value of the emerald and its inclusion requires the great responsibility of gem cutter. A special cut was developed for this stone - emerald cut. This rectangular or square design with blunt angles gives a special beauty to this precious stone, showing off its stunning color and protecting it from mechanical damage. And the other classic cut shapes are acceptable for the emerald. Among crystals, which are rich in inclusions and fissures cabochon or emerald pearls are usually made.

When the value of the emerald is graded, the first important thing is color. The brighter the green color of the stone, the higher the cost. There are good-looking emeralds that are less colorful, which are sparkle and shiny after the master’s cutting. While the stones of a saturated green tint, while having a deeper color, lose their brightness in its frames. Generally speaking, more light and dark stones are valued slightly less. Unlike diamonds, the emerald of beautiful color does not lose much in price if it contains inclusion.

The less fissures, the more expensive is the emerald. Natural emeralds of the highest quality weighing more than 2 carats are rare and very expensive. A large emerald with a green, blue or yellow tone almost having no inclusion can cost tens of hundreds of dollars per carat.

Emerald magical properties

Gold ring with emerald and diamonds The main aim of the emerald is to overcome the bad tendencies of its owner: Deceitfulness, the tendency to speculate, infidelity in love. If the owner of the stone does not have bad habits, the Emerald will bring him health and luck; otherwise he may send him disasters. This gem can dissipate any negative energy, purifying the human aura and his home from the negativity. The Emerald is a patron of the family hearth: protect marriage bonds, keeping peace and harmony in the family, promotes the continuation of further generations..

For people with good intuition this stone helps to get in touch with the souls of the dead people, with creatures from the Astral Plane, and gives the ability to decrypt the signals sent to the Earth by the forces of the universe. The emerald is a very gentle stone. He does not tolerate aggression and rudeness. If the stone is worn continuously for 2-3 months, a person can correct these negative traits of his character.

Astrologers say that gem helps to avoid stress, expose deception, and sabotage among nervous, sensitive people. It suits Leo, Libra and Aquarius. For Pisces, Capricornus, Scorpio is strongly prohibited to wear emerald. Other zodiacal signs can wear it.

Healing properties of the Emerald

Platinum ring with huge emerald It is believed that the emerald stabilizes the arterial pressure, eliminates the headaches and joints aches, cure stomach diseases, inflammation of the bladder, has an antibacterial properties (if put in a glass of raw water, it can be drunk without boiling). In ancient times, it was believed that the stone helped to get rid of the mooneye, wall-eye, and epilepsy. Modern lithotherapist claim that the owner of the Emerald would not face nightmares, insomnia, unreasonable fears and increased fatigability.

Mascots and amulets

The Emerald is a mascot for nursing mother, seafarers, and travelers. As an amulet, it protects young men and women from perverse tendencies and propensity for debauchery. For creative people the stone gives inspiration and emotional uplift, for business people attract success and fortune. - precious and semiprecious stones