Sale of precious and semiprecious stones
About precious and semiprecious stones

How to buy a gemstone what you like?

1.Make sure that the stone isn't sold and isn't reserved. It is specified in the status over the description.

2. If in the description of a gemstone it isn't specified that it is reserved or sold, the gemstone means is available and he can be got.

3. Copy information of gemstone and add it to the message with the additional questions interesting you.

How it is possible to receive the order?

We send stones on an advance payment:

  • The advance payment includes the overall cost of a stone (-her) taking into account a discount if that is provided + the cost of a shipping - 5.00 euros
  • The insurance isn't obligatory

On frequently asked questions there are ready answers:


1. Stones, that are presented on your website, are natural?

Yes, on the website are presented only natural mined gemstones.

2. How you can guarantee authenticity of stones?

Stones are delivered by reliable suppliers. Initially the party from each of them has been checked in the state assay chamber. And for 9 years I receive from them only qualitative natural gemstones. On some stones certificates are made.

3. How you deliver stones to customers?

The order goes by standart Latvian Post Registered Airmail or with the EMS courier. In either case number of tracking is provided.

4. To what countries you can send parcels?

I can send parcels worldwide.

5. How long the parcel goes to the recipient?

Usually the parcel goes from 7 to 14 working days across Europe. Happens longer. Everything depends on remoteness of your settlement, and on efficiency of work of post and customs services.

6. How much is delivery?

1. Registred parcel with tracking number. Delivery cost - $5.00 USD. The parcel goes from 7 to 14 working days. Happens longer. Depends on efficiency of work of customs and post services.
2. EMS courier. Delivery cost - $30.00 USD. The declared delivery time: 4 - 7 working days. But because of delays on customs and distribution points, happens a little longer.

7. What payment methods of the order you accept?

I accept the following payment methods:

  • WebMoney.
  • Яндекс.Деньги.
  • Qiwi.
  • Fast transaction systems - MoneyGram, Unistream, Contact, Western Union
  • Other systems - Blizko, Anelik, Lider.
  • PayPal(USD)+ 5% commission from total amount.

8. Whether there were cases when the parcel didn't arrive to the recipient?


9. What will you do if the parcel is lost and still won't reach the recipient?

I will return to the customer money in full.

10. Whether there correspond pictures of gemstones on your website to reality?

Yes, on a photo urgent stones are represented.

11. In what conditions you take the picture?

I photograph all stones itself with use of professional photography equipment. The picture is taken in the conditions of artificial lighting with use of three light sources.

12. Whether there is a possibility of return of a stone? And in what cases return will be actual?

You can return a stone if:

  • the stone doesn't correspond to the declared characteristics in descriprion;
  • the stone has the hidden defect which hasn't been seemed up on a photo;
  • the stone has been damaged in the course of delivery;
  • if the stone just wasn't pleasant to you.

13. In what cases you don't accept a stone back?

I don't accept a stone back if the phrase is motivation to return: "on a photo a gemstone look larger. I didn't think that he such small or big". Council - please, attentively read the description of gemstones. Pay attention to the stone size. As a last resort, look at a piece on a ruler. Make the choice consciously. Also stones which have been damaged in the course of production of jewel or as a result of the inaccurate address aren't accepted.

14. May I leave a feedback or comment, concerning purchase on your website?

You can leave the positive feedback or comment on the bought precious or semiprecious stones in the special section of the website: Comments and feedbacks.. Which I have created at numerous requests of buyers. Before purchase it is possible to study all comments from buyers if there is a question of mistrust to our service. I will remind of the new, opened for all section "Comments and feedbacks", welcome... - precious and semiprecious stones